Black and White Snaps of New York City's Teenage Gangs in 1959 by Bruce Davidson

While not common subjects, gangsters and mobsters occasionally find themselves facing the cameras of daring photographers, artists, and even filmmakers. Bruce Davidson, who became fascinated with the lives of New York City's teenage gangs in 1959, was one such photographer. Take a look at some of his interesting photos after the jump!

It was the Summer of 1959 when 25-year-old Bruce Davidson became interested in the teenage gangs of New York City after reading about them. He then got in touch with a social worker to help him make an initial contact with a gang called The Jokers. The curious Davidson began following the young gangsters soon after, observing and photographing their daily lives and alienated youth culture.

Below are some of his interesting photos for the series and book entitled Brooklyn Gang:

Bruce Davidson joined the roster of prestigious Magnum photographers in 1956 after being invited by Henri Cartier-Bresson himself, and became a full member three years later. Today, Davidson is recognized as one of New York City’s best street photographers. He is also one of the photographers who gave their valuable insights on street photography for Cheryl Dunn’s Everybody Street documentary. Davidson talks about his photos of the teenage gangsters in the first few minutes of the excerpt below:

All information and photos for this article were sourced from Vintage Everyday, Magnum Photos.

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