Experiment With Film and Build Your Own Anamorphic Pinhole Camera

Getting busy on experiments can be fun but it gets a lot better when you do it with film! See this cool DIY that you can try as an experiment in analogue photography.

We’re no strangers to nifty DIY cameras here in the community but we are always wowed with the different things that people create to show their love for analogue photography. Here’s a double experiment that maybe you’d want to try out.

Matt Bechberger’s anamorphic pinhole camera

We’ve featured Matt Bechberger and his DIY shutter grip for medium format cameras a while back. And now, we’re back with more. In this project, Matt creates an anamorphic pinhole camera that uses 120 format film held in a cylindrical position. Simply put, anamorphic cameras distort images in ways that digital cameras just can’t. Film being a flexible material, is used with these cameras to produce wide-screen movies. As Matt puts it, “…it’s a correctable distortion.”

Stages of the build and the finished product

With his DIY, Bechberger discusses in complete detail the nitty gritty of his anamorphic pinhole camera. Again, his woodwork skills are showcased and the result is just plain awesome. Film takes the win over digital in this turf, doesn’t it? Here’s a sample picture taken by Matt’s anamorphic camera:

Matt’s photo with his anamorphic pinhole camera

You can view his full DIY tutorial on Instructables if you’re keen on making one for yourself. Let us know how your project turns out, alright?

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Instructables.

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