Dainty Doodles of Cakes by Andy Warhol

Help yourself with these sweet illustrations of desserts by Andy Warhol!

Photo via Brain Pickings

Legendary pop artist Andy Warhol is famous for his iconic, quirky, and brightly colored art pieces but as it turned out, he too had once created a series of lovely, whimsical illustrations for a recipe book! Titled Wild Raspberries, it was a collaboration between Warhol and interior decorator Suzie Frankfurt, and was supposed to “mock the fashionable, mass-produced French cuisine cookbooks popular in the 1950s.”

Photo via Brain Pickings

Wild Raspberries was “painstakingly created” by hand. The recipes and illustrations were done by Frankfurt and Warhol, respectively, while Warhol’s mom did the calligraphy. The illustrations, meanwhile, were colored in by four boys who lived in the same building as the Warhols. Only a total of 34 books were produced, but unfortunately, the project did not take off. Warhol and Frankfurt ended up giving away most of the copies to friends as Christmas gifts.

It wasn’t until 1997 when Wild Raspberries finally got published, after Frankfurt’s son stumbled upon in in his mother’s papers. However, if ever you want to score a piece of this Warhol art, be ready to shell out about $30,000 per framed page!

All information in this article were sourced from Brain Pickings, where you can view the rest of the photos and read more about the book.

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