Well-dressed lady gesturing and teaching a group of uniformed boys to dance

These young boys sure are lucky to learn some moves from the lovely lady!

Dance clubs and parties are among the things that defined the so-called “Jazz Age” in the United States or the “Roaring Twenties” in other major cities around the world (like Paris, Berlin, and London), and among the rather eccentric moves that emerged in the early 1920s is the Charleston. In the snap above taken in Great Britain in 1925, a nicely dressed American lady was photographed teaching a group of boys how to do some neat Charleston moves. From the looks of it, they’re having some problems getting their legs in the right position, but their teacher was quick to point how their legs and feet should look like!

All information and photo for this article were sourced from Vintage Everyday.

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written by plasticpopsicle on 2013-11-26 in #lifestyle

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