Analogue Photography by Jody Miller

62-year old photographer Jody Miller has been dabbling in photography all her life, with most of her work consisting of breathtaking landscape shots.

Photo by Jody Miller via I Still Shoot Film

Los Angeles, California-based Miller was only nine years old when she received her very first camera, a Kodak Brownie, but it wasn’t until her late teens that she finally decided to take the craft seriously.

In 1982, Miller was able to participate at a workshop by no less than Ansel Adams himself held in Camel, California. “The experience of serious study with some of the great photographers of our time gave me the desire to push myself to produce better and richer work with every passing year,” she said. Her arsenal, as listed by _I Still Shoot Film_ in a feature, include the Pentax 67II, Hasselblad, and a number of Holga and Diana cameras.

Photos by Jody Miller via I Still Shoot Film

Miller, who came from a family of artists, is a designer/animator for Hollywood’s TV industry by profession. Although she also shoots in digital, Miller continues to shoot in film which she believes “continues to be an unbeatable medium for making art.” She was further quoted in abovementioned feature, “There is a softness, a ‘wetness’ if you will, to film that digital just does not have for me and never will.”

All information in this article were sourced from Jody Miller’s website and I Still Shoot Film. Miller’s portfolio “is currently represented in its entirety by Lightbox Photographic Gallery (Astoria, Oregon).” You may also view her photographs on Flickr.

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