See the Horizon Cameras at Work With These Dynamic Action Photos From the Community!


Beautiful scenic panoramas are not the only things that the Horizon cameras can capture. Get a glimpse of the Horizon cameras at work with these action photographs!

It’s not just silent mountains and calm seascapes that can be targets of the sweeping lens of Horizon cameras, action in sports are a good subject too! Scenery is a good subject but you can amp up the analogue experience by shooting dynamic movements in action photography!

Try your hand at creating photographs that just have a certain flow of motion to them. You’ll be instantly hooked and will probably want another roll for the thrill. The Horizon Kompakt and the Horizon Perfekt are ideal cameras to use in action photography with their wide sweeping shots that can home in on the action. Experiment with these superbly built cameras and surprise yourself with the added effects of motion in your prints.

Grab your own Horizon camera now and get busy with panoramas and action photography while saving 30% in discounts! Hurry up, this offer is valid until November 24 only! It’s your chance to get these amazing panoramic cameras for a more affordable price. Don’t waste this chance, grab your Horizon camera own now!

Credits: p-can, lawypop, icuresick, masha_njam, kingdjin, locutus, sirio174 & lucasjakobsson

The Horizon Kompakt makes it easy for everyone to shoot fantastic panoramic images. With fixed focus and aperture settings, all you have to do is point and shoot! Get your own Horizon Kompakt now!

The Horizon Perfekt shoots images the length of two standard frames. With full aperture and shutter settings, this premium panoramic camera gives you total control over your shots. Prepare to be blown away by the amazing Horizon Perfekt, available here.

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  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    I'm printing my favorite Horizon pictures in 25x10cm, they look awesome!!! :)))) I didn't knew it was her birthday, it is a coincidence that I decided to make an Horizon album just now... and maybe more will come to celebrate... ;)

  2. saidseni
    saidseni ·, I was under the impression that we were celebrating the Horizon birthday for some reason, I've probably misread some article... Anyway, let's celebrate!! LOL! ;)

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