Convert a Spinner 360 Photo to a 3D Google Photo Sphere


The Spinner 360 camera takes wonderful panoramic shots. This tutorial goes over how to take a photo using this camera and change it into a 3D Google Photo Sphere image.

A Photo Sphere is a 3D panoramic JPEG format that you can upload to Google Plus, which will allow you to pan and zoom the scene in your browser.

See my sample here.

Steps in creating a Photo Sphere with a Spinner 360 Photo

1. Find a Spinner 360 photo that you’ve taken. It would be best to use photos that have a 360 degree (or more) view of a scene.

2. In the image editor of your choice, crop the photo so that you have 360 degrees. Try to use a reference point in the photo that repeats and crop appropriately. Save the image as JPEG or jpg. The best dimensions would be about 2,000-3,000 pixels wide.

3. Next go to the Google site Photo Sphere and click the “Browse” button to upload the photo you just cropped and saved.

4. Once uploaded, you should see a thumbnail of your photo. The dimension values auto-populate, so unless you want to tweak the image, leave those as defaults.

5. If you want the location to be added to the metadata of the photo, paste the address into the ‘Set location’ box and click the ‘Search’ button. Google should find the location.

6. Click the ‘Next Step’ button.

7. The preview may not show, but that’s OK. Your picture has been generated. Click the Download button.

8. Finally, log into your account on Google Plus. Visit your profile and navigate to ‘Photos.’ Either create a new album or open an existing album and upload your photo. The metadata that the Photo Sphere App created will be used by Google Plus which will automatically turn it into a 3D panorama Photo Sphere.

Video Tutorial

Here are some of my finished works:

Photo Sphere 1

Photo Sphere 2

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