Impressive Watercolor Illustrations by Sunga Park

If you're also into visual arts and illustration, you will definitely be in awe at the beautiful watercolor pieces of a South Korean artist. Step right up and flip through a gallery featuring some of her impressive works after the jump!

I have always believed that watercolor can be a bit of a difficult painting method to master. But, looking at the works of South Korean graphic designer and illustrator Sunga Park, I am also now convinced that acquiring the control it requires certainly produces impressive results. From conceptual artworks, portraits, architecture, everyday scenes, and travel sketches, this artist has nailed it with her calculated brush strokes and delicate hues.

For someone totally new to this craft, working to reach such skill level and mastery can be a daunting endeavor, yet the rewards are certainly tempting, don’t you think?

Visit Sunga Park's Behance Site to see more of her impressive watercolor art!

written by plasticpopsicle on 2013-11-13 in #lifestyle #painting #illustrations #watercolor #lomography #sunga-park #art #analogue-lifestyle

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