A Little Chat with FEElim Photography's Samantha


We love to meet fellow analogue enthusiasts, so when we stumbled upon FEElim Photography we couldn't resist getting in touch with the girl behind the lens to find out a bit more about what inspires her to take photographs filled with so much love! Read on to see our lovely interview with her and of course, to take a peek into her pretty pics!

Image source: FEElim Photography

Name: Samantha Ann Francis
Location: Singapore
LomoHome: blackflybird

1. Hi Samantha, how are you today? Please introduce yourself, we’re all very curious to know who the photographer behind these beautiful photos is.

Hello there! I’m Samantha, a freelance photographer from Singapore. On weekdays, I spew words and layouts as a sub-editor at a business magazine. On weekends, I’m an analog monster.

Image source: FEElim Photography

2. We love your website’s name – FEElim Photography. Can you tell us how this name came about and how your passion for film photography came into play? Did you start at a young age?

‘Fee-lim’ is basically how my 80-year old grandma pronounces the word ‘film’. I just thought it’d be fun to use a colloquial mispronunciation because analog photography is all about nostalgia and spontaneous experimentation anyway. My mum passed me my first film camera, a cheap hello kitty point-and-shoot from 7eleven when I was 11, I’ve been shooting away since then. I’ve tried all sorts of cameras, film slrs, dslrs, instant polaroids, but I always go back to 35mm film.

Image source: FEElim Photography

3. How would you describe your photographic style? Do you focus primarily on wedding photography or are there lots of styles that float your boat?

I like to to catch moments that are in themselves, a story. A particular glance from one to another, a subtle gesture, a laugh in midair, a secret kiss, an oft-forgotten corner. People and faces make my muse, and I do enjoy shooting prewedding/weddings. Other than that, I’m all about experimenting with portraits, landscapes and I don’t hesitate to fuse them all together with multiple exposures.

Images sourced from: FEElim Photography

4. When you wake up in the morning, what inspires you?

It might sound funny to most, but sunlight inspires me. As somebody who likes shooting in available light, I enjoy seeing how light falls over different textures, from the creases in my bedsheets to the long shadows draping over my shoes at the golden hour. I like spotting creatures in shadow shapes….hahaha.

Image source: FEElim Photography

5. And what about your experience with Lomography cameras? We’d love to hear!

I’ve tried plenty of Lomography cameras, from the Konstruktor, the Diana, the ColourSplash, the Fisheye and of course, the Lomo LC-A+. Generally, I love how I don’t have to think too much whenever I use these cameras, they take me away from technicalities and allow me to focus on simply finding the perfect moments to snap. I love features like the one-switch multi-exposure button and of course, the colour flashes.

Image source: FEElim Photography

6. So, what cameras do you use? Do you have a particular favourite that you can always rely on?

For client shoots, I use Canon EOS 1V/3 because they give me plenty of control and allow me to use current EF lenses. For everything else, I use the Lomo LC-A+ because there’s so much I can do with it, especially when coupled with the splitzer. My Fisheye is also an essential when it comes to parties and dinner gatherings, when all I want to do is make silly faces with my loved ones.

7. Out of all your photos, which one are you most proud of and why? Please share its story with us.

This one’s the first ever couple shoot I did, for free, for a friend of mine and her boyfriend. I was all awkward directing the shoot so I just told them to goof around. Right when I decided to chill out about getting that perfect shot, I got it! I still love this shot a lot. It’s spontaneous and happy, just as two in love should be.

Image source: FEElim Photography

8. Are you influenced by any photographers or artists? Is there someone you look up to?

Hodachrome (Hodaka Yamamoto) is one of my favourite lomographers. His double exposures are truly brilliant and magical. I’m also a fan of Brian Ho (from thegaleria) who shoots weddings on film. He’s someone I’m trying to learn from.

9. Are there any projects in particular that have been a part of your life recently? Do you have any upcoming photography projects you’d like to tell us about?

A few months back, I was a part of the Noise Singapore Apprenticeship Programme and was able to produce a series of works for an exhibition; I documented the needy families who were recipients of the ‘Food from the heart’ project. At the moment, I’m working on a series called ‘Mermaids’ where I create surreal scenes with double exposures from both land and sea (or rather, pool).

Images sourced from: FEElim Photography as part of the Noise Singapore Apprenticeship Programme

10. Finally, any last words, or words of wisdom for all our budding photographer friends out there?

Find what you love and shoot it to death, that’s how you’ll find your niche.

Image source: FEElim Photography

Thank you so much Samantha for taking the time to inspire us with your passionate words reagrding the analogue world! We love meeting fellow analogue masters, and you most certainly tick that box with your spontaneous, beautiful shots! We can’t wait to see what else you’ve got in store!

Be sure to pop on over to Samantha’s Website, her Facebook Page and of course her LomoHome for more whimsically-wonderful photographs!

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  1. eva_eva
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    beautiful gallery!

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    Congrats Samantha @blackflybird :-)

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