A Young Stanley Kubrick Poses for a Photo with His Twin Lens Camera as a Man Looks on Behind Him

Here’s a photo of the multi award-winning Hollywood filmmaker when he was still working as a photographer!

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Since Kubrick was supposedly 18 years old here, we’re guessing that this photo was taken in the year 1946 (he was born on July 26, 1928). Kubrick first tried his hand in photography when he was 13, after his father gave him a Graflex camera. Before he became the renowned filmmaker that he was, Kubrick has actually established a career in photography. He was his high school’s official photographer, after which he began to do freelance work and became an apprentice photographer for Look magazine. Eventually, he was promoted to become one of the magazine’s full-time photographers. According to Kubrick, he started working for Look when he was only 17!

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