My Autumn Story: Trading Autumn for Summer


I don't like autumn that much. There, I said it. I love the colors, of course I do, but I don't like this part of the year. It's a sad season: the school starts, summer ends, and with it come all those carefree days. I don't like it, it's like even nature is mourning with all the green turning to brown and dark red. That's why I always try to go somewhere else when autumn starts.

This year it was Portugal, and it was like I had another summer. Portugal is awesome, and I went back home feeling so excited that I didn’t even notice all the grumpy people around me. I’m still dreaming about Portugal. Trading autumn for summer was the best thing I could possibly do.

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I went to Portugal with some of my best friends. It’s not the best time if you don’t get to share it with your best friends. We started in Peniche, one of the main surfing spots in Portugal where right now Rip Curl Peniche is taking place. We didn’t surf at the same beach where it’s taking place (Supertubos) but at the one on the other part of the town, Baleal. Baleal is a long, sandy beach with a shore break perfect for us who are still beginners in the surfing world. It was so much fun.

Credits: lomofrue

After one week of surfing in Peniche, we went to Lisbon. We rented a car, and the rest is history. If in Peniche we have a little bit of rain, in Lisbon it was a totally different story – it’s around 28° each day. Summer, yeah! We saw Lizbon, Sintra, Cabo de Roca, Obidos, Batalha, Coimbra, Aveiro, Costa Nova, Porto, and Lamego; climbed the top of Portugal Torre; went on to Marvao, Evora; and concluded our road trip back to Lisbon. I loved every second of our trip.

Credits: lomofrue

But what I really wanted to show you was how happy people can get when they get a “second” summer. So happy that they were jumping around all the time, like little children who just got their Christmas gifts. If you’re feeling grumpy and tired, it’s autumn’s fault. Give yourself another summer! A little more sun never hurt anyone. Or go surfing. Surfing also helps. Or go surfing to a sunny place (hint, hint: Portugal), that’s a double win!

Credits: lomofrue

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  1. hivernoir
    hivernoir ·

    Yes! I agree, autumn is not all that great. The first time I really appreciated Autumn was in Japan where everything took on a brilliance in colour, it was magical. In other places the colours are dull or they die too quickly. I completely agree with extending summer.
    Also your pictures are very representative of summer. Sun, sand, sea & fun. Great article and pictures.

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