Making Memories: Celebrating Birthdays as a Little Girl

I went through our old family albums to look for pictures of me celebrating my birthday as a little girl. Check them out!

As a child, the second most exciting day to come in a year for me (only next to Christmas) was my birthday. It was that day when all my loved ones would come and visit my house to bring me gifts. The table will be filled with food, and I would blow the candles on my cake (that is, of course, upon making my birthday wish) after they all sing me the “Happy Birthday” song.

When browsing through childhood photos, you would know if a photograph was taken during a children’s birthday party.

Because you can easily tell from the cake…

the balloons…

…and even the mostly ridiculous party hats.

In the Philippines, hotdogs on a stick with a marshmallow at the end is a staple food at children’s parties. It’s hard to miss them in pictures.

Here is my two-year-old self, gobbling up one.

Ice creams are also a must!

But do you know what’s fascinating for me? As I flip through the photographs, it’s like I’m watching me and my cousins grow up through the years. Every photograph taken during my birthday, I would see that we’re just mostly the same people behind the same dining table, except that we were growing bigger… and older.

Have a look:

The first picture was taken during my first birthday; I’m the one on the left. The next one was during my second birthday. The third was also on my second birthday, but we went to the beach. The fourth one was on my third birthday.

Photographing children was never easy. They just can’t stay still long enough for decent pictures. But there’s always a rewarding feeling as soon as your photos develop and you see a lot of wonderful candid pictures. Use digital, and more or less, you can just delete and retake pictures. But with analogue, there’s a thrill. You never know what you have captured until your film develops.

So when you see that you’ve captured a child’s smile like this,

it’s always a good feeling.

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