Reviews on Rewind: Colorsplash Flash

While we all love and revere the power of available light, sometime's it just isn't enough and we need all the help we can get! The Colorsplash Flash provides the much needed boost in less than ideal lighting situations, not to mention the crazy color splashes possible! Here are a couple of community reviews for our favorite lighting accessory!

ColorSplash Flash: A Visual Guide to Achieve Colourful Results by blablabla-anab

Never know what will happen when you use the Colorsplash Flash and its numerous colourful gels? Worry no more: this is the first test drive I did when I bought mine and now I’m sharing it with you as it really helped me understand what each colour gel does.

Photo by jutei

Colorsplash Flash Review – The Smaller the Better by jutei

I usually find something bad in any product, but with this one it’s hard. It’s great small flash with innovative design. It suits perfectly to my Lomography gear and will stay there as long as it breathes.

Credits: sirio174

Colorsplash Flash: Small and Fun! by sirio174

I don’t like artificial lighting, so for many years I have photographed without flash. But in my first purchase on the Lomographìy Online Store (I bought an LC-A + RL) I received a free Colorsplash. I immediately fell in love with it!

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