Rewind to Analogue: Doctor Popular's Glitchy Digital Analogue Experiment


Sometimes, going back doesn’t always mean counter progressive. This is what Doctor Popular showed in his move to pursuing film as medium for his photography.

We all know that digital is sort of making quite an impact with the way we live our lives. Everything just seems digital and instant but there are just some things that are better off the analogue way. *Doc Pop* started his thing with photography by using an iPhone as his first camera but soon found out the joys of shooting analogue. We’re glad he stumbled upon his film camera on a yard sale. Sometimes it’s the treasures that find us

Photos via Doc Pop

In his experiment *Glitch Double Exposures*, he used a film camera to shoot multiple exposure shots that combined digital and analogue into one unique set of photos. He purposely messed up some images on his computer by using a text editor and created glitches and used those for first exposures. After getting his first exposures on film, he then went to town for a photowalk and came back with gems.

The rewind feature on his analogue camera surely did its part. Out of curiosity, Doc Pop produced unique photos that are glitch in every which way, digital or analogue-wise. For this fun experiment, he used a Lomomography Color ISO 400 film and was very much contented with the results that he intends to do the same experiment with his LC-Wide. Now talk about a great kind of rewind.

You can view other works from this self-confessed super nerd by visiting his website here.

All information used for this article were sourced from Doc Pop, PetaPixel

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  1. docpop
    docpop ·

    Thanks for the love. I can't wait to mess around with this some more. Maybe even giving it a try with 120 film.

  2. cheeo
    cheeo ·

    @docpop we'll wait for that project! cheers

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