Prince Charles Accepting a Cup of Coffee from Barbra Streisand as Another Photographer Captures the Moment


Look who dropped by to say hello to Barbra Streisand!

Photo by DFS/Associated Press via the Los Angeles Times

This snapshot was taken on March 19, 1974 on set at the Warner Bros. studio in Los Angeles. The Prince was reportedly visiting Southern California at the time, and so we see the two iconic individuals here having a chat.

Seven years before he tied the knot with the late Princess Diana, Prince Charles had his first meeting with Barbra on the set of her movie, “Funny Lady.” Apparently, Prince Charles had “turned up at Columbia Studios in Hollywood in the hope of seeing her.” There, the two were said to have had a “20-minute conversation” while “sharing” a mug of coffee!

All information in this article were sourced from the Los Angeles Times, the Daily Mail, and Wikipedia.

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