Top Photo Uploaders of September 2013

One can't help but be jealous of film and the beautiful outcome it produces. But Lomographers, when they get a chance to hoard, then they hoard!

More film equates to more fun! And don’t you forget that it also results to plenty of amazing film photographs! So when you have those lovely negatives and scans out, then better share them here. Here are our top photo uploaders for September 2013!

analoguehouse (1,137 photos)
alienmeatsack (652 photos)
trash-gordon-from-outer-space (585 photos)
pearlgirl77 (481 photos)
lionel-demayo (472 photos)
kylethefrench (440 photos)
cornelius_rost (434 photos)
magrifas (424 photos)
horstler (416 photos)
vincent6251 (405 photos)

written by mayeemayee on 2013-10-05 in #news #top-photo-uploaders #2013-community-recap #september-2013-recap

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