Classy and classic intertwines: Sammy Davis jokingly holds Frank Sinatra’s mouth into a pout

Very few comes up to the standard that the Rat Pack had set during their day – may it be in singing and always looking like the gentlemen they are.

Photo via The Selvedge Yard

There came a time when dinner clubs were frequented by dashing men in their most impeccable suits or dinner jackets and women dressed to the nines and sparkling with in their most expensive jewelry. The songs and the singers that serenaded the visitors in the night back then were as classy as they can be. Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis are two of the most famous singers during the time and for good reasons.

The two Rat Pack members sang the blues away with their signature voice and charmed the wits out of the people they met with a glass of whiskey cradled in one hand and a cigarette exquisitely brandished on the other.

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