Visions of Autumn Photographed Using the Lomo LC-A Cameras

Since the first day of Fall fell upon the Northern Hemisphere yesterday, September 22, it's about time that we take a look at some of the most amazing snaps of Autumn. Today, we invite you to browse through a gallery of photos taken by our fellow lomographers using the amazing Lomo LC-A cameras!

Now that the Fall has officially began in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time once again for our fellow lomographers on that side of the world to whip out their favorite film cameras and capture the beautiful scenes and colors that come with the season. If Summer is known for the vibrant blues of the sky and the glimmering turquoise of the sea, Autumn is anticipated for its fiery reds, intense oranges, and mellow yellows of the leaves changing colors to give way to colder weather.

If you’re one of the lucky lomographers who enjoy a spectacular Autumn each year, we’re sure you’re now busy preparing for photowalks to snap the scenes and colors of the season in your area. So, for your lomographic inspiration, we’ve put together a selection of breath-taking Autumn snaps taken by our fellow lomographers using the amazing Lomo LC-A and LC-A+:

Credits: hodachrome, fruchtzwerg_hh, orangebird, janette, ccwu, claudi1007, marcus_loves_film, life_on_mars & undiscovered

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