Alan Young, Marilyn Monroe, and Bill Thompson playing bag pipes in kilts

Through the years we’ve seen photos of Marilyn bringing out her glamorous and sexy side in various photo shoots, but have ever you seen this one?

Photo via Retrogasm

In the photo above, we see Marilyn sandwiched between his former boyfriend Alan Young and voice actor Bill Thompson all decked in traditional Scottish attire playing iconic European instruments – the bagpipes and the chanter! Alan and Marilyn had worked together in the former’s radio show during the ‘40s.

Interestingly, Alan, both an actor and a voice actor best known for his work on the TV series “Mister Ed,” previously shared in an interview that he had played the bagpipes for Marilyn. And apparently, Alan still keeps a copy of this photo at home, possibly in remembrance of the “naïve and really sweet” girl he met when she was 17.

All information from this article were sourced from the Daily Record, Greg Bell Media, and Wikipedia.

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