Most Popular Photo Last Year: September 18, 2012


Strange combinations are always made in this Community of ours! Sometimes it doesn't work but most of the time it does!

Credits: gotoarizona

Take this doubles project for example; redscale, bokeh, and some street scenes snapped into one roll of film, bringing us a lovely Lomographic result! Insane but terrific! Love it, gotoarizona!

Photo shot with a Fed 5B using DNP Centuria 400 film.

written by mayeemayee on 2013-09-18 in #news #community-recap #most-popular-photo-last-year


  1. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    Cheers @gotoarizona! :D

  2. gotoarizona
    gotoarizona ·

    thank you very much @mayeemayee )))

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