Finding a Mystery Gift Inside Another Gift


My good friend Joan, with my passion for analogue photography in mind, gave me a great aluminum roll holder. She found it at the Encants Market, the largest flea market in Barcelona, and I discovered that it was carrying another gift inside.

The roll holder with its negative.

Receiving a gift is something pleasant. If this matches exactly with the likes or hobbies of the receiver, good. But if it turns out that the gift received also has a surprise inside… things get even better.

In September last year, I met up with my friend and namesake Joan. She excitedly handed me a small aluminum object, a roll holder that she had found at Barcelona’s Encants Market. I also noticed, as she opened it carefully, that inside it was a negative that was carefully wrapped and protected with a kind of onion paper.

The mysterious digitized photos

On a quiet Sunday at home, I decided to analyze the gift more carefully. I completely unwound the film and was surprised to find that there has been modifications by light and was used with any camera.

And here starts the quest to find much information on the photos in the carrier rolls!

For my part, I found only the words “Safety 235 Ansco Color” printed beside the typical numbers on each frame in the reel. I was also surprised, when I scanned the negative, that the positive color film is something that I have never seen.

Does anyone know which camera was used to take these? It seems that the format is slightly less panoramic than usual. Who are the people that appear in these photos? Where were they shot​​? Why are there a few that look exactly the same (I assure you that although it looks like it, no pictures were actually repeated)?

I suspect that the men here are in military uniforms, which look like they’re from the ‘40s. Meanwhile, I’m not sure whether the dresses of the women are military uniforms as well or not, but it could also be possible, no?

If someone knows the family that appears here, I’d love to send you these negatives.

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  1. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    these may have been made with a "slide copier", that is why some are exactly the same.
    Ansco color was the US version of Agfa, more here:

  2. linuxbcn
    linuxbcn ·

    Great info!! tnx @fash_on!

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