Linda McCartney taking a mirror self-portrait in a fancy-looking bathroom with Paul McCartney imitating her


Sir Paul here must be trying his best to learn his darling wife's self-portrait stance!

Photo via Beatles with Cameras on Tumblr

Aside from being a musician, animal rights activist, and wife of a Beatles member, Linda Louise Eastman McCartney is remembered as one of the impressive photographers of the 1960s music scene. Known for her candid and un-posed style, it’s not at all surprising to find that she had taken such a comic and endearing self-portrait with her husband doing his best imitation of her shooting stance! Only goes to show what an amazing couple they made back then, don’t you think?

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  1. rocafish
    rocafish ·

    Omg this woman is so a damn good photographer, i admire her. And is a very good singer! A good musician, a wing member, and a very good musician. Linda ♥

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