Marilyn Monroe smiling and slumped over a blanket with dumbbells across her head

She may be exhausted after her workout but the lovely Marilyn still managed to look great and smile!

Photo via The Nifty Fifties on Tumblr

Nobody probably works out with so much class than Hollywood’s sultry siren. The photo above is actually part of a series of snaps taken by Andre de Dienes in Bel Air Hotel in 1953, showing the beautiful Marilyn Monroe working out — or not really — and keeping herself in tip-top shape. De Dienes was also among the first photographers who photographed Miss Monroe during her early modeling days, notably the 1949 pin-up series taken at Long Island's Tobay Beach in New York.

Here are some more of those lovely workout photos snapped by de Dienes:

Photos via Pinterest

Now, if only we can look as good as the blonde bombshell after a run, a strenuous workout, or trip to the gym, don’t you agree?

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