Spin Your Sprockets Rumble Winners Announcement


Why exclude sprockets from your shots when they can join in on all the fun? We're here to proudly present the winners of the Spin Your Sprockets Rumble!

Credits: pepper-b

Having your photos bleeding through the film’s sprockets are a refreshing change of pace and is something that is distinctly analogue. The Spin Your Sprockets Rumble! is all about showcasing these sprockets and integrating them seamlessly into the frame, creating a photo nothing short of majestic. Am I overselling it? Check these 5 winners of 5 Piggies and you’ll get your answer!

Credits: kleeblatt
Credits: dida
Credits: jbeischer
Credits: gauthierdumonde
Credits: -dakota-

written by cruzron on 2013-11-26 in #competitions #diana-35mm-back #belair-x-6-12-35mm-back #sprocket-rocket #35mm #sprocket-holes #spinner-360

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  1. dida
    dida ·

    thanks @cruzron :) and congrats for the great photos @kleeblatt, @jbeischer, @gauthierdumonde and @dakota- !

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