Black cat sticking her tongue out and wearing a pair of mismatched shoes

Our black feline beauty here seems to have taken a fancy to some gorgeous footwear!

Photo via The Nifty Fifties on Tumblr

She may be wearing it wrong by human norms and should be donning them over her hind paws, but our beautiful feline friend here does have quite a taste for exquisite footwear, don’t you think? The photo above was actually taken by American photographers Joseph Leombruno and Jack Bodi (1918-1986) — credited as Leombruno - Bodi — for the December 1955 issue of Vogue (view an enlarged spread here).

Vogue and the fashion world’s fascination with felines doesn’t begin or end with this 1955 issue; you can take a look at a fascinating feature about cats and Vogue here!

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