Bulb Mode with the Lomo LC-A+ !!!


I have discovered a way that will allow your LC-A+ ( probably work the same on the LC-A ) to do a B setting !! Lets get [Light] painting !!! I don't know if this had been done before. But not that i heard of so hey, i gave it a go!

So, I have been wondering for a while that there must be a way to make my Lomo LC-A+ do a B setting. I thought this because I once held my finger over the little light meter by accident and the shutter stayed opened for longer than it should. I got home today and thought I’m going to figure this out.

I found out after about 10-15 minutes fiddling around that if you put your ISO (or ASA) setting to the lowest and put your finger over the part where the light meter is, you can keep the shutter open for as long as you want ! (considering that you covered the it well enough)

HOWEVER this isn’t enough for me ! So i try putting the ISO (or ASA) setting to a different setting… I’ve put the ISO (or ASA) setting so that the 1600 is in the middle of the little magnifying thing where the light usually gets taken into the meter. This allowed me to hold the shutter open for as long as i want without having to cover up the light meter manually. Therefore allowing me to do light painting !

Now i haven’t had enough time to go and get the film develop yet but try it out, see what you get…..

Lomography – the possibility is endless!

written by huge666 on 2010-03-25 in #gear #tipster #quickie-tipster #lc-a #lc-a #tips #b-setting #light-painting


  1. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    very good tip. you can also use *black tape* in front of the lightmeter

  2. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    oh... and "DON'T FORGET TO SET B BACK TO N" ;)

  3. rater
    rater ·

    Ha, let's bulb baby!

  4. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    hey, I've just try it and this is working also with the LC-A, simply put the asa halfway 400 and 25!

  5. coldkennels
    coldkennels ·

    Damn, this just makes me want an LC-A even more!

  6. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    just tried it, it worked like a charm!

  7. copefan
    copefan ·

    cool can't wait to give it a go.......

  8. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    Very good tipster :D Gotta try it out!
    lol @mephisto19

    Has my personal motto of "The possibilities are endless" now become a Lomography motto???! :o :D

  9. stouf
    stouf ·

    Excellent tipster and gallery !

  10. leela_dark
    leela_dark ·

    oh, that´s brilliant!

  11. huge666
    huge666 ·

    Thank you all =D

    @cyan-shine no it hasn't i just like to say it too =P

  12. darbo
    darbo ·

    I was just going to try if i could make my LC-A do the bulb mode and went to check the internet if somebody did this already, and tata there it was... Thanx huge666!!!

  13. big_penguin
    big_penguin ·

    I have tried the lowest ISO/cover the light meter window with your finger trick myself but it is kind of hard to block it entirely. Gaffer's tape over the window was my next idea, but yours may be the best since it appears it uses the internal aperture wheel itself to block the light sensor. For a long “B” type exposure, I am sure that the minimal jiggling of the camera while you move the ISO knob to a normal setting (to let light in and stop the exposure) would have a negligible effect on the finished exposure. I can’t wait to try this out. Thanks for sharing!

  14. huge666
    huge666 ·

    @darbo you're most welcome =D

    @big_penguin =D

  15. poetpunk
    poetpunk ·

    I tried, it won't stay open. I tried all methods. I will keep trying.

  16. blinghaha
    blinghaha ·

    Absolute legend!!! Can't wait to try this out thanks :)

  17. thepolaroid
    thepolaroid ·

    this is aaaawesome! thank you!

  18. heshanj
    heshanj ·

    im using an old russian logo model, with GOST settings. i tried it once, setting between the highest and lowest GOST setting, and it worked.. bulb as long as i want.. now today i tried it again, the shutter opens only about 2 seconds before closing again :(

  19. heshanj
    heshanj ·

    ah, i was trying it out in a setting that is extremely bright. lol. stupid of me. when i went to a slightly darker room (which is also still too bright for bulb mode), it works fine :D thanks for the great tip

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