Feelux and His Weapon of Choice: The Lomo LC-A+


We have tried and enjoyed lots of analogue cameras, film, and accessories but sometimes, we just can't help but play favourites. There's always that one item you want and you need, your personal weapon of choice!

It may be a hand me down camera that still works perfectly, a roll of film you would hoard whenever possible, or that cute camera accessory that completes your stylish look. It’s your weapon of choice that we’re curious to know about! Heck yeah, our Weapon of Choice series is back and it definitely brings more fun!

To kick-off this comeback, we bring you Lomographer and LomoGuru, feelux from the Philippines! What better way to start things but by featuring a classic Lomography camera? Read on and find out more about his Lomography Weapon of Choice!

Credits: feelux

Name: Felix Quiogue
Lomography Username: feelux
Location: Philippines
Weapon of Choice: LOMO LC-A+

Why is this camera/film your Weapon of Choice?

I take it everywhere I go since it is compact. You don’t have to worry about the exposure settings as long as you get the focusing distance right (it needs a bit of getting used to.) I love that everything about it is simple! My favourite feature would be the multiple-exposure switch. It just broadens the possibilities of different photos with this compact camera.

Any memorable experiences you’ve had while using this Weapon of Choice?

Lots! I’ve taken it to all sorts of places. My most vivid memorable experience with it would be that trip to Boracay [a beach destination in the Philippines] where I was able to go to the ocean with since I had with me my Krab case. For once, I wasn’t afraid of letting a camera get wet. I also had the chance to take a couple of photos of kids having fun by the ocean. I haven’t uploaded that yet, though.

Handpicked LC-A+ shots!

Would you recommend this to other Lomographers? If yes, to whom do you have in mind?

Of course! Anyone who’s curious to shoot and have a camera at all times should have one. It’s simple, compact, and fun to use.

What are you favourite subjects to photograph and why?

Simple things. Those things that you’d see every day but you’d probably miss because you’re busy or something. Take photos of it and share it with the people that you know who would appreciate it, too.

Feelux shares with us five favourite Lomographs of his shot using the LC-A+.

Credits: feelux

Love your LC-A+ too much? Or maybe you just can’t get over that slide film? If you’ve got that Weapon of Choice you would love to share, then let me know at mayee.gonzales@lomography.com and we’ll give you the spotlight it deserves!

The Lomo LC-A+ is known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. Get your own Lomo LC-A+ now!

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  1. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    Great weapon of choice, @feelux! And thank you for this :D

  2. feelux
    feelux ·

    @mayeemayee thanks for this :D

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