Top Photo Uploaders of August 2013


More films mean more Lomographs mean more uploads! And this news definitely make us very happy!

Because nothing can be greater than seeing hundreds of film photographs to share and appreciate. And for the month of August we have got to thank these ones for showing us their work. Congratulations to our top photo uploaders!

vincent6251 (1,046 photos)
gauthierdumonde (1,004 photos)
zacharcher (916 photos)
analoguehouse (861 photos)
dopa (752 photos)
fotohelmut (600 photos)
maximum_b (581 photos)
pearlgirl77 (561 photos)
laacs (516 photos)
meryl (505 photos)

written by mayeemayee on 2013-09-08 in #news #top-photo-uploaders #august-2013-recap #2013-community-recap

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