Stanley Kubrick sitting down underneath a camera platform and holding his motion picture camera

A gorgeous movie camera held by an iconic filmmaker -- this is a photograph made of win and awesome!

Photo by Dmitri Kasterine

The photo above showing Stanley Kubrick holding a beautiful Arriflex movie camera was taken by Dmitri Kasterine in 1969, during the filming of A Clockwork Orange in Kingston, London. The photographer was chatting with Kubrick while they sheltered from the rain underneath a camera platform. On one of his favorite photos that he took, Kasterine told The Guardian in 2010:

“I waited until Stanley paused, and put his hand up to stroke his hair back from his eyes – then I just took it. I didn’t have to set the focus as I had a wide-angle lens; I knew, so long as I had the right exposure, the depth of field was enough.

“Before the days of digital, you had to rely on the feeling you had when you took a picture that it would be all right. I like this one very much. It’s unusual to have someone’s feet so prominent, but it doesn’t take away from his expression. He was the least lazy of men, but there’s something very relaxed about the pose.”

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