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To write about Vatican City, I'm nobody to do so because I'm not an expert or a tour guide. And it's also too big and too much to cover. So I'm gonna make it triple S - SHORT, SWEET and SIMPLE.

To write about Vatican City, I’m nobody to do so because I’m not an expert or a tour guide. And it’s also too big and too much to cover. So I’m gonna make it triple S – SHORT, SWEET and SIMPLE.

Although Vatican City is the smallest independent nation in the world (it’s a landlocked sovereign city-state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome). It’s home to some of the world’s most beautiful museums and the biggest incomparable St Peter’s church!!!

The Pope is the Head of State and Head of the Government of Vatican
City. The city has it’s own postal service, police service, currency and bank, electricity generating plant, publishing house, radio station and train station which now use for freight. It also has its own army of Swiss Guards responsible for the Pope’s personal security. The guards still wear the traditional eye catching red, yellow and blue stripes uniform.

There are strict rules about dress code so make sure you dress appropriately the day of your visit. Strictly no shorts, no miniskirts, no tank tops or spaghetti stripes or clothing that reveals your bare knees and shoulders regardless of gender.

Top 5 must do and see regardless the ranking: visit to the SISTINE CHAPEL, which is a room containing the most famous work of art by Michelangelo. BERNINI’S BALDACCHINO and MICHELANGELO’S PIETA in St. Peter’s Basilica which is now protected by bullet-proof glass after being attacked in 1972 by a vandal. View of the Vatican City from the DOME of St Peter’s. STANZE di RAFFAELLO the so called ‘Raphael Rooms’ were you can find the private apartments of Pope Julius 2.

A day is not enough for you to visit all the spots and must sees. The queues are always long and on the last Sunday of the month the entry to museum is free so expect to queue up to an hour or more!!! Last but not least drink more water from getting dehydrated queuing under the summer sun.

Remember to get some really beautifully made rosary for souvenirs or
postcards with the Pope on it !!!

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