DIY Tree Branch Photo Holder


Want something special for your loved one? This DIY photo display for your Lomographs is sure to make his or her heart melt!

Photo from Carolyns Homework

We’ve all seen (or did? Admit it!) the cliche of etching a heart and your initials on a tree. It’s a nice, simple, romantic gesture. But if you’re living in the metro and there are no trees in sight, here’s a solution!


  • A moderately sized tree branch, as a whole log is way too big.
  • Craft knife
  • A paper clip
  • Saw
  • Glue
  • A sweet Lomograph of the happy couple!


  1. Trim the branch to the size you want. Make sure the base is sawed straight so it stands on its own.
  2. Using the craft knife, carve out a heart, your initials, or whatever you want to put there.
  3. Saw a groove at the top and glue the paper clip there.
  4. Attach your photo!

Information for this article was sourced from Carolyns Homework

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  1. jakemasa
    jakemasa ·

    That's such a great picture and a great stump to hold it

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