George Harrison looking slightly amused beside an angry-looking Paul McCartney


My, Sir Paul, aren't we looking kind of grumpy today? George also seems to be wondering why you're giving the cameraman the angry stare!

“My, but isn’t this a happy group,” Ringo captions this shot.

The photo above, featuring a slightly amused George Harrison and a not-so-amused Paul McCarney was actually just one of the many rare and intimate photos taken by The Beatles beat master Ringo Starr in 1964. During the early days of the iconic English rock band, Ringo often traveled around with a camera and took lots of photos of the group everywhere: rehearsals, at the backstage of their historic guesting on The Ed Sullivan Show, and on the set of their 1965 film, Help!

Many of Ringo’s photos are too good not to share, so we wanted to share with you a handful more published in Ringo's Photo-Album Magazine published in the same year, complete with captions by Ringo himself:

“No privacy with Ringo Starr and camera around.”
“Well who do we have here – John! My goodness, what else can he do? Write, paint, sing, photograph – and now this!”
“John is a camera-bug too, though he hasn’t as much time to spend on it as I do – with his writing and all. But one thing you can be sure of – wherever we go – so does the camera.”
“Paul models what all the fashionables will be wearing this year. Raccoon collars complete with police caps!”
“Marlon Brando? No, it’s Paul again – with dark glasses. Can I have your autograph, Paul?”
“This picture was taken when we first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show last year. Notice George’s happy grin!”

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    Awesome. Thanks for sharing this. Ringo is a photosnapper who go parade on A Hard Day's Night the movie. So it's not just an act

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