Young Marilyn Monroe sitting pretty and being fed by Clifton Webb with chocolates along with another aspiring actress

Looks like the would-be Hollywood siren isn't concerned at getting her figure ruined by all those chocolates. We can't blame her for wanting all those sweets, though, don't you agree?

Photo via Vintage Everyday

Looks like more and more unpublished photos of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe are surfacing as of late, much to the delight of retro and pop culture fans like us here on Lomography! The photo above was taken by Loomis Dean when Marilyn Monroe was just 21, way back to the time she was just an aspiring actress. On the set of a 1948 American comedy entitled Sitting Pretty, Hollywood veteran Clifton Web was seated between aspiring actresses Marilyn Monroe and Laurette Luez as he appeared to feed them with some bite-sized chocolates.

Marilyn and Laurette did not star in Sitting Pretty but both had been under contract to Twentieth Century Fox (who distributed the film), so it could have been, after all, taken for publicity purposes.

LIFE Magazine tells more about this part of Marilyn Monroe’s career in this post, so if you’re curious, go ahead and check it out!

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