Jean-Luc Godard With Muse Anna Karina On A Roof With A Spectacular View


Theirs was a true whirlwind romance set in the City of Love.

Photo via Flavorwire

Anna Karina wasn’t the only muse Godard was wooed by, but the actress is the most iconic in the French New Wave pioneer’s filmography — and the movement as a whole. He discovered Karina during the beginning of her modeling career and tried to cast her in Breathless, but she refused to take off her clothes for the part. They eventually united for Petit Soldat and soon fell in love. They formed a production company together, and his relationship with the starlet was often completely intertwined with his work — showing an intimacy and range they never reached in their real-life marriage, which ended in 1967. Luckily we have Vivre Sa Vie, Alphaville, Bande à Part, Une Femme Est une Femme, and other greats to remind us of their better years together.

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  1. blueskyandhardrock
    blueskyandhardrock ·

    A Woman Is a Woman is one of my fave films ever. My husband hates it, he thinks its too pretentious, but I think it's brilliant. Love Godard!

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