Hacking a Viewfinder on Your TLR


Not all of us are blessed with great eyesight. This becomes a problem with TLRs and the sometimes dim focusing screen. We have a solution you can try out, though!

Photo from Dan Daniel

A TLR’s waist level viewfinder is both a blessing and a curse. It’s good for street shooting because the common man wouldn’t know if you’re shooting, as opposed to having a camera on your face aimed at them. On one hand, looking down to compose your shot takes a while to get used to and hurts the back (God I’m old).

A compromise is to do some Frankenstein work! If you have old prism finders from broken cameras, you can put them on top of your TLR. In this case, shooter Dan Daniel had a Hasselblad NC-2 prism scabbed onto a Yashica-Mat. It might sound sacrilegious but hey, what works, works!

Photo from Dan Daniel

Information for this article was sourced from Dan Daniel

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    Great idea.

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