Save up to 50% on Lomography Lenses!

Expanding your creative options is as easy as putting on a new Lomography Lens. Make sure to get yours while they’re on sale in the Online Shop and Gallery Stores, until 11th August only.

Photo by: brommi

Eager to try a new perspective? Put a Lens on and explore undiscovered creative horizons!

20% off Diana F+ Lenses & Diana Baby Lenses

Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens
Diana+ 38mm Super-Wide Lens
Diana Baby 110 12mm Lens

30% off LC-A+ Lenses

LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens
Tunnelvision Lens

Lens Shop Specials

Don’t forget to check out our exclusive offers happening Online and in Gallery Stores!

Online Special
20% off Belairgon Lenses

Gallery Store Special
50% off Diana F+ & LC-A+ Lenses
when bought with matching camera

Please note that stock may vary per region.

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