Steven Spielberg smiling and relaxing in the jaws of Bruce the Shark

It's just another day in paradise for the American director, especially since he has Bruce the Shark to keep him dry and afloat!

Photo via Geeks of Doom

August 4 marked the start of Discovery Channel’s *Shark Week* for this year, so it’s time for us to take a look back at one of the most popular summer flicks of all time: Jaws, the 1975 shark thriller directed by the young Steven Spielberg.

Yep, he also happens to be the crazy guy in the photo above, lounging about in the jaws of a menacing great white shark. But don’t worry, the shark named Bruce won’t snap his mouth shut and gulp in his tasty meal — I mean, human friend —because Bruce, the mechanical shark, is Spielberg’s very own star for Jaws!

Check out some awesome behind the scenes photos from the set of Jaws, and stay tuned because we’ll be sharing more of those this week!

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