She said: When I was a girl, everything was right


I have to admit that I don't like babies that much because they only cry, whine, and poop all day. Also, babies are a big responsibility that I don't want to have at this moment of my life. Considering this, I took a lot of photos from my childhood and asked my parents for their stories and the result was pretty funny.

A few weeks ago, I was looking for some things in a drawer of my house and I found a box full of old photos taken by my parents and my relatives. There were a lot of pictures in this box and I will show you some.

To start this story I have to show you my parents:

My dad:

Credits: kscaramouche

My mom:

Credits: kscaramouche

Before telling you some curiosities and show you some photos, I’d like to say that I’m really proud of my parents because they were so young when I was born, and they were very responsible and mature for being in their early 20s.

Credits: kscaramouche

The first curiosity that I will show you is how my father and I were so similar when we were babies. It’s incredible!

Credits: kscaramouche

Also, they told me that I was a baby who smiled a lot and they loved that!

Credits: kscaramouche

But I could also be serious, or rather, drooling.

Credits: kscaramouche

When I saw these photos I wonder why I only wear blue or light-blue clothing when I was a child (boy-oriented colours) and my dad told me that story. The thing is that my whole family thought that I was going to be a boy and my parents didn’t want to know my sex before I was born. A month to go before my birth, my dad couldn’t stand the waiting, so he asked the doctor whether I was going to be a boy or a girl. Of course, the doctor said: “a girl.” My dad couldn’t resist to keep the secret and when he and my mom get home they went to their room and he shouted: “It’s going to be a girl!” So the results were:

Credits: kscaramouche

Anyway, I had some pink clothes too!

Credits: kscaramouche

Another thing that my parents told me was that my skin was so fair that it was almost white, literally…

Credits: kscaramouche

And of course, if there’s something that I think we all have, it’s the naked photos. Our parents always want to have some photos to embarrass us in front of our friends and partners!

Credits: kscaramouche

The last thing that my parents told me was that when I grew up, my hair grew and it turned to be a lovely and beautiful blonde curly hair that I love, but I don’t have it like that anymore.

Short hair:

Credits: kscaramouche

Long hair:

Credits: kscaramouche

To finish this post I will show you some photos of the most important men in my life: my two brothers and my lovely boyfriend. In the case of my brothers, they’re much younger than me so most of the photos that we have are digital. Here are some:

My brother Juan Francisco:

Obviously I had to embarrass someone else with a naked photo

My brother Ariel:

Credits: kscaramouche

And my beautiful and lovely boyfriend pablo_beatle:

Credits: kscaramouche

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  1. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    adorable story. :"

  2. kscaramouche
    kscaramouche ·

    @istionojr thanks :D

  3. alyssa_apollo
    alyssa_apollo ·

    Thank you for such a sweet and honest story :-)

  4. kscaramouche
    kscaramouche ·

    @akyssa_apollo aaawww thanks dear! :)

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