An astronaut looking straight at a colorful flag planted on the moon

Nope, it's not some weird or messed up version of the historical journey to the Moon, but a different history altogether! If it looks familiar to you but can't quite remember where it's from, read on to find out!

Photo via The Inspiration Room

The image above was one of the first images aired by Music Television (MTV), the 24/7 cable TV channel which merged radio and television for the enjoyment of music-loving people. When MTV launched on this day, 32 years ago, they did so with a bang, alluding to the STS-1 orbital flight for Space Shuttle Columbia which launched a few months earlier in April 1981, and the iconic Apollo 11 moon landing spaceflight in 1969.

The photo from of Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin on the Moon next to the U.S. Flag, one of MTV’s inspirations for their spaceflight-themed launch station ID. via

Put together a public domain footage of the first launch countdown of Columbia and the launch of Apollo 11, photos from the moon landing, crunchy rock music, and MTV’s logo with switching colors, designs, and textures, and an iconic station ID is born.

Watch MTV’s first station ID and spot the image above:

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All information for this article were sourced from MTV on Wikipedia.

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