Stanley Kubrick massaging a cat's head while on the set of 'A Clockwork Orange'

Looks like Stanley Kubrick's feline companion got a headache from all the busy filming happening around set of "A Clockwork Orange." However, the director also seemed to be quick to make her feel better!

Photo via People with Cats on Tumblr

While iconic director and photographer Stanley Kubrick did not bare a lot of details about his private life, many of his fans and admirers knew that he was an avid lover of cats. In fact, he reportedly owned many of them and often brought them on the set of his films (and even into the editing room!) — one of them was probably the feline on his lap in the photo above, with Kubrick seemingly giving it a massage. The poor cat must be tired and stressed from all the activity on the set of A Clockwork Orange!

While we’re at it, please erect — I mean, direct — your attention to another behind the scene photo from the movie right here!

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