Marilyn Monroe Crosses Out Unfavorable Portraits From A Contact Print During Her Last Sitting With Photographer Bert Stern

In an eerily unfortunate turn of events, this became the blonde bombshell's last photo shoot before passing in 1962.

Photo via Tumblr

“There’s only one Marilyn,” photographer Bert Stern was once quoted as saying and he couldn’t be more right. The uber sexy yet dangerously self-aware Hollywood starlet even went as far as to edit herself, as seen in the above contact prints marked with red Xs for the ones she didn’t like, from her last sitting with Stern in 1962. She passed away soon after.

A month ago, the famed lensman known for taking the last photoportraits of Miss Monroe, passed away at the age of 83 but his wife Shannah Laumeister told the Associated Press that his images “will live forever and wow generations to come.”

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