Lomography Gallery Store Toronto: Timeline


While we are sad that the era of the Lomography Gallery Store Toronto is now over, we thought we'd do a quick recap of our 2 and 3/4 years in this great city! Check out a timeline of some of our best moments after the jump!

November 2010: The Lomography Gallery Store Opens!

A warm welcome

And it all began! Lomography brought out their best from Vienna and christened a great spot on Queen West in downtown Toronto as the next Lomography Gallery Store. Who knew this would just be the beginning of many great things to come?

Lomography Gallery Store Toronto Grand Opening Celebration Photos & Video!

February 2011: Champagne Tower! – Valentines Day at the LGS Toronto

Champagne Tower, enough said…

Fast forward to February and our first ever Valentines edition cameras. Of course it was another reason to celebrate! This party brought in cupids (actually two male models who very gracefully put on wings to amuse us), lots of sweets and the epic champagne tower. We met a lot of new faces and also loyal customers who would stick with us throughout our stay here on Queen West.

RECAP: Love is in the Air Launch Party @ LGS Toronto

April 2011: The 10 Prophecies of the Analogue Future Showcase

The 10 Prophecies Cake

In early 2011, Lomography started the 10 Prophecies of the Analogue Future campaign, telling you the secrets of what the future holds for you and analogue photography! To celebrate this, we not only plastered the streets around us with the 10 Prophecies posters, but we also held a party for the occasion. From local musical talent to cake (I think this is where the party cake tradition began…), the LGS Toronto was rocking with great tunes, great food and great company.

RECAP: The 10 Prophecies Showcase @ LGS Toronto!

June 2011: The La Sardina Launch

La Sardina + Goldfish = <3

June 2011 marked the launch of one our easiest-to-use and popular cameras, the La Sardina! This wide-angle 35mm beauty was celebrated with an opening party filled with sailors, goldfish and sardine cans! We also took the La Sardina for a spin to the Toronto Islands – just getting in the spirit, eh!

RECAP: La Sardina Launch Party @ LGS Toronto
La Sardina Takes Over Toronto Island!

September 2011: Diana World Tour Toronto

One of the many artist customized Dianas from the Diana World Tour Toronto

This was definitely one of our favourites! The Diana World Tour Toronto was an exhibition of the Dietrich Collection of Diana cameras in the LGS Toronto. There were also special artist-customized Diana cameras by Canadian artists, filmmakers and designers alike. We hosted a ton of Diana-related workshops for this occasion, along with a super fun bus tour around the city. Of course, we took our Dianas with us to capture it all!

Diana World Tour Opening Party
Diana World Tour Toronto Cameras
RECAP: Diana Tours the Red Carpet

May 2012: CONTACT Photography Festival, Two and a Quarter

Photograph by Juliana Neufeld

There is a festival here in Toronto called the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival that happens every year. Photography enthusiasts ourselves, we felt we were destined to participate! In May 2012, we held an exhibition in the store that showcased 17 distinct and talented photographers who work with analogue photography in their practice. We invited them to celebrate the square image with us and to use their imagination and creativity to create a unique photograph using the Diana F+. Hence, Two and a Quarter became the title of our homage to square photography.

Lomography Canada Presents: Two and a Quarter
Highlights: Two and a Quarter, CONTACT Photography Festival

June 2012: The LomoMatrix Toronto

One of the fun shots from the Lomomatrix circle

The Lomomatrix is a coveted part of Lomography and we got the chance to have our own Lomomatrix here in Toronto at Trinity Bellwoods Park last June. The Lomomatrix is basically a 360-degree photoshoot, with lomographers sitting in a huge circle shooting the subject in the middle of the circle. The end result is a stop motion video showcasing all those photographs of the subjects from every angle. We had umbrellas, balloons, trampolines, dogs, inflatable swords… Just watch the video, you’ll get it.

Lomomatrix Toronto: Teaser!
The Lomomatrix Toronto Is Here!

November 2012: Lomography turns 20, the LGS turns 2

Balloons… We had way too much fun with the balloons

This was a big milestone – It was the Lomographic Society’s 20th birthday, and the LGS Toronto’s 2nd birthday! With double the reason to celebrate, we blew up some balloons, ordered a cake and called in DJ P-Rex and local band Sandman Viper Command to get the party started. Though the numbers were mediocre, there was definitely a lot of heart at this party. It was indeed the little celebration that could!

The Little Celebration that Could

March 2013: The Lomography Gallery Store Toronto, a Chihuahua daycare?

Some of the best behaving Chihuahuas we know

In early 2013, we had the chance to work with a great organization, the Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport. We are all animal lovers here, so we definitely jumped at the chance when the CCRT wanted to do a special Chihuahua workshop at the store. We hosted these happy pups one Saturday in March and I think we were even happier just having our furry friends in the store. Never have we seen so many animals running around (and making noise) in the LGS Toronto!

Doggy Day, Every Day

May 2013: The Living Lomowall at CONTACT Photography Festival

Store Manager Kimon is very proud of the end result

We participated in the CONTACT Photography Festival once more, this time putting the ultimate Lomography flare to it – our very own Living Lomowall! We had submissions from our online community along with ones brought in from our customers right into the store. The end result was a beautiful influx of photographs in the middle of our store, put together by our hardworking staff and interns.


June 2013: Luminato teams up with Lomography

Taking the Luminato youth out for a stroll during their workshop

This past month, we had the honour of hosting a great group of youth volunteer photographers as part of the Luminato Festival this year. We hosted a workshop for the youth and taught them all the basics of shooting analogue photography. We were thoroughly surprised and amazed by the great shots that were created from this collaboration and decided to showcase them in the store until we close – Be sure to drop by and check that out before August 18th!

Luminato at the Lomography Gallery Store Toronto

- -

With lots of love from the entire team here at the Lomography Gallery Store Toronto and Lomography Canada, we want to send a big thank you to all the customers and everyone we have worked with who have played a part in creating these memories with us. We will forever be grateful to you guys for the enthusiasm you’ve had and the Lomolove you have given! Stay strong and Lomo on!

Visit us one last time before the closing on August 18th:

Lomography Gallery Store Toronto
536 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 2B5
647 352 6702

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  1. weedos
    weedos ·

    I wont be able to make it back before you close. I did make a point of stopping by when I was in Toronto. It wont be the same without..

  2. ashleyaang
    ashleyaang ·

    Thanks for the love @weedos ! Glad to hear that you got to come by at least once!

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