Marilyn Monroe smiling while wrestling (or hugging) a bronze Discobolus statue

Ancient beauty meets modern allure in this historic embrace caught on camera!

Photo via Consuming Greek Antiquity on Blogspot

Her sexy playfulness is just one of the traits that endeared Marilyn Monroe to her admirers and fans of the past and present, as evidenced by many of her adorable photos, whether frolicking by the beach
or making a funny face in front of a fun house mirror! The photo above shows the Hollywood icon playfully wrestling or hugging a bronze cast of the Discobolus or “The Discus Thrower,” most likely a copy of the marble version in the British Museum (which is also a copy itself of the original 5th century BC sculpture by Myron; the incorrectly restored head should be facing the hand holding the discus).

Looks like our handsome Greek athlete won’t be getting off the blonde bombshell’s grip anytime soon!

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written by plasticpopsicle on 2013-07-24 in #lifestyle

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