Colorsplash Flash: Small and Fun!


From many years I'm a happy owner of a Lomo LC-A. Recently, from about a couple of years, this camera has found a valuable partner: the small and funny Colorsplash flash! Read more!

In my pictures I use the flash very rarely. In fact, if you look in my albums, almost all of the photos are taken in ambient light. I don’t like artificial lighting, so for many years I have photographed without flash. But in my first purchase on the Lomographìy Online Store (I bought an LC-A + RL) I received a free Colorsplash. I immediately fell in love with it!

Credits: sirio174

I used it with my LC-A for the first time at Brera Design 2012, for a reportage in collaboration with the Lomography Gallery Store in Milan!

Credits: sirio174

Here you can see how this flash can change the atmosphere of the room, as in these photos taken at the space dedicated to the Austrian design!

Credits: sirio174

Here’s another example with and without color flash!

Credits: sirio174

And here are three photos taken at LGS Milan (A beach party)! I prefer to use this flash with my LC-A instead of my new LC-A+ because with the old version of this camera I can choose the diaphragm aperture, regulating the amount of colored light in the photos in function of the distance from the subject and in function of the ISO speed of the film. However this flash works equally well with my LC-A+RL!

Credits: sirio174

Here are two photos taken at LGS Milan for the 20th year anniversary of Lomography! To calculate the aperture of my LC-A I found in internet that this flash has a guide number of 8,8 (at ISO 100); so with a ISO 100 film and a subject at 1,1 meters I need to set the shutter aperture at 8,8/1,1 = 8. Here you can find some simple rules about the aperture selection.

Credits: sirio174

Recently, I also tested this flash on my LC-Wide. Even knowing that the flash could not cover the whole area captured by wide-angle lens of this camera, I used its white light to take some black and white photos inside my home, which I needed for a competition of Lomography!

Credits: sirio174

Here’s another example, where you can see that the restricted flash coverage can be used to emphasize the vignetting effect of the lens! Have fun with this flash!

written by sirio174 on 2013-07-24 in #reviews


  1. headlock
    headlock ·

    When using the Colorsplash Flash with your LC-A+, do you use a diffuser?

  2. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    @headlock No, sometimes I change the time / shutter aperture acting on the ISO selector

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