Taking Back Tipsters: Make a DIY Splitzer for Your La Sardina


Want to achieve beautifully splitzed photos using your La Sardina? You will need to make a splitzer then, and for that, we come to your rescue with three easy DIY projects by our fellow lomographers!

Photo by tomas-scigulinsky

How to Make a Splitzer for the La Sardina by tomas-scigulinsky

For the version above by tomas-scigulinsky, you will need an empty plastic film canister to make your La Sardina a sleek splitzer. If you have a black one, all the better, so you won’t have to color it anymore.

Photo by amkatya

Homemade Splitzer for La Sardina by amkatya and translated by alegshzhka

What if you don’t have a black plastic film canister, can you still make a splitzer with it? Of course, you can! In the version above by
amkatya, you can use the usual white, translucent canister and its gray cap. If you have the white-capped version, you will need to paint it black to make the covered side light-proof.

Photo by an_lai_drew

Homemade Bottle-Cap-Splitzer for La Sardina / Diana Mini!

Last but not the least, we have the version above by an_lai_drew which uses a plastic bottle cap that can be fitted snuggly over the La Sardina’s lens. Be careful in cutting it out, as it can be more difficult to slice through compared to the thinner plastic film canisters!

Did you also come up with your own tipster for a DIY La Sardina splitzer? Why don’t you show us how it’s done and submit a tipster about it? We’ll be waiting!

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  1. samuelcabbuag
    samuelcabbuag ·

    I'm gonna try it!! Thanks for the tips guys! :D

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