DIY Stamp Holder


As a lover of all things analogue, you should stop and take some time to write a personally penned letter or postcard to your long lost buddies. Here's a DIY tip to store your stamps!

Photo from junkgardengirl

When was the last time you actually received a letter? Everyone is all email, facebook, twitter and instagram nowadays. Don’t get me wrong though. They are convenient tools, but nobody really takes the time and effort to write a heartfelt letter, so I propose we all try it out for a change. Something to go against the flow and break the monotony.

Anyway, you’re going to need stamps if you’re going to be sending out letters so it’s best that you have them at home, always at the ready. A good DIY solution for stamp storage is an empty film canister! Just cut a slit on the side and you’re done!

Send that letter today!

written by cruzron on 2013-07-15 in #gear #tipster #diy #tipster #stamp

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