Fun Under the Sun: Beach, Camping, and Friends

During the Summer of 2012, university orientation group camp and I at Sentosa Singapore. It was beach day in Sentosa during Engineering Camp.

This roll was shot on my Holga 120N last summer during the Engine Camp 2012 at Sentosa. I had the E100G cross-processed. What I love about cross processing are the vibrant colors that scream at you.

It’s been a year since then, but I still remember the beautiful sun, sand, and sea. Those were carefree days, without worries. The only thing on my mind was whether the photos would develop nicely so that I could keep physical pieces of these memories and look at these photos with nostalgia.

Beach sunshine

I love the sun in summer. It’s especially beautiful on film. Everything fascinated me; from a friend climbing a tree, to the sea, to confetti in the sand. Take a walk on the soft sand at the beach, swim out in the lukewarm water. Those are the things you can’t do in the dreary rain.


We indulged in games in the sun during the camp. There’s something enjoyable about watching friends smile, laugh, and bond. Sadly, cross-processed E100G doesn’t produce skin tones very well. But, I’m learning.

What’s the beach without dunking? It’s ritual for us to pick people off one by one, carry them to the sea, and dunk them. There are even multiple styles of doing it: Regular, Superman etc.

We became friends fast over the summer. We connected. We became close friends. But summer will come to a close, and now relationships have crumbled. Do happy days last forever? Will they come again?

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