Reviews on Rewind: Widepan Pro II

For this week's edition of Reviews on Rewind, we focus on a camera that not a lot of Lomographers have, but constantly dream about. Say hello to the Widepan Pro II!

During ye olden days of Lomography, this was the dream camera to have. If you had one around your neck, the women around you would scream and swoon, men shy away for being not worthy, and old masters of the Lomographic martial arts bob their heads and stroke their mustaches in agreement. That’s how special the Widepan was. However, it was worth an arm and maybe even two legs, so not a lot of Lomographers had the chance to shoot with it. So for this week, we will feature 2 reviews of the Widepan – the only ones in the whole website!

Widepan Pro II - The Panoramic Monster by lomodirk

So why the Widepan Pro II? It`s heavy, big and definitely not as handy as a Horizon is. But the results are amazing, brilliant shots, panoramas in medium format you can boost up to wallpapers. I`ll never regret choosing this camera because of the diversity of possibilities it opens to me.

Widepan Pro II - Heavy Duty by tveden

If you’re into monsters and working out, look no further. This 2 kg monster is exactly what you need, it will eat 120, 220 and 35mm and it’s hungry. After 6 snaps your 120 film will be finished and 10 snaps with a 35mm, so be sure to have plenty of ammunition before you take it into action.

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