Summer Music Festivals in Film: INmusic Festival, Zagreb, Croatia


No, it's not Glastonbury but it's one of the best music festivals in the Balkans.

INmusic festival is a music festival that has been around since 2006. It started out big and it keeps on growing and growing. It is situated on the island on a beautiful lake called Jarun that is a city lake in Zagreb, capital of Croatia. I’m actually from Slovenia but it’s like a home festival as I have only two hours drive to Zagreb.


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The weather was not so nice this year and we couldn’t swim in the lake. It was not that warm, it was windy with a little rain, and a lot of mud. You should’ve seen my clothes, my jeans will never be the same again because of all the mud. But still, my All Stars made it out quite okay.

Credits: lomofrue

The music programme this year was awesome (as it is every year)! There were Bloc Party, there was Iggy, the legend, who kept on running on the stage like he’s 20 years old. There were NOFX, who are totally crazy and could easily do stand up comedy. There were Arctic Monkeys who are one of my favorite bands ever. I stood so close to Alex Turner I could have grabbed him (haha I wish). There were Editors who I love and who manage to give me goose bumps every single time I hear them. There were Basement Jaxx who made everybody dance like crazy. There were many smaller balkan bands like Sars, Moveknowledgment, and Radio Aktiv that rocked. Like I said, it was the best! I couldn’t have asked for more.

Credits: lomofrue

INmusic festival was one of the most chilled out festivals I have ever been. You can just chill out by the lake all day long, you can chill out on the grass, you can chill out on the special rocks, or you can chill out in the special chill out area. It’s really relaxed. You can listen to music from first rows or from the back, you don’t even have to visit two main stages as you have many other cool venues. There was a human jukebox, where a band is inside a big jukebox and you press one song and they play it. It’s a fantastic idea. Then there was a Brit bus where only British music kept on playing. There was a karaoke and rockabilly tent. There was a special dancing area in the woods. There was a silent party where you got headphones and danced the night away. My favorite was a Balkan party called Ko to tamo pjeva which is a title of one of the most popular Balkan movies of all times (that translates as “Who is singing down there”). The party lasted all night long. It was crazy and I loved it. I might have drank too many beers and my jeans were too muddy but this was the best INmusic festival ever (But I kind of say this every year).

Credits: lomofrue

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