Reason to Celebrate: Great News and Articles for July

The Lomography Magazine gives you a reason to celebrate this July: a fresh set articles that will hopefully entice, excite and enlighten.

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As we usher in the month of July and look forward to providing our readers with even more valuable content, we are pleased to introduce a new set of articles that will hopefully entice, excite and enlighten all of you!

Monday Moodboard
Behind the Lomography Magazine is a creative force that acknowledges the need to inspire and be inspired. Our Monday Moodboard articles will feature images, concepts, ideas and basically any kind of material that have successfully captured the interest of our editors and which you will hopefully find as stimulating and inspiring.

Twosday Tuesday
Great minds think alike. This is why sometimes we cannot help but shoot similar-looking photographs. Twosday Tuesday will feature community submitted photos that are characteristically reminiscent of each other, for one fascinating reason or the other.

Just For Hue
What’s your favorite color? See it by the bulk via Just For Hue featuring products to love in a shared hue, just for you!

Top 5 Picks
Every week, we’ll be featuring a list of our top 5 picks for our favorite photography, pop culture, and lifestyle-related topics.

Lomo Lyrics
Ever shot a roll of film, had it developed, and upon seeing the photos, imagined a song or even an entire soundtrack that would complement them? Our weekly Lomo Lyrics article will showcase images that might have been fueled by lyrical incantations, or someone’s favorite ditty.

Allow us to rekindle your interest in new or existing series that you’ll see more of in the coming months:

_*Reel vs. Real*_
In the new Magazine series called Reel vs. Real, we bring you some notable biographical films that you may or may not have watched, and put the biopic actors side by side with their real life counterparts.

== Wanderlust Wonderlist==
Whether you’re an urban jet setter or a happy camper, you’ll definitely enjoy our selection of handpicked travel destinations.

_*Throwback Thursday*_
Our Throwback Thurday feature can be about anything that takes you back to the past. #Nostalgic.

_*Camera Cameos*_
For cinemaphiles who are also into photography, or photographers who are fond of movies. Camera Cameos brings you scenes from motion pictures starring none other than your favorite cameras.

The Lomography Magazine is your center stage. Expect more gallery features showcasing the work of admirable community members and seasoned photographers, as well as artist and photographer features this month, as part of our _Show Your Stash,_ _Camera Collections,_ or _Lomography Q & A_ series.

Starting this month, we’ll be writing and requesting for articles based on a particular theme. We hope that our Picture This themes will prompt you to contribute. Check our Requested Posts for July for details.

Got some more story ideas? Share them by shooting an email.

July is definitely going to be one fantastic month here at the Lomography Magazine.

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